A story to get you in the Christmas spirit

Twelve-year-old Sophie's special Christmas pledge

Here’s a story to prove the spirit of Christmas is alive and well…

Like most 12-year-old’s, Sophie Comins is looking forward to Christmas.

But instead of writing her festive gift wish list, she is asking friends and relatives to consider giving a donation to us instead.

St Michael’s cared for her grandfather, Vic Seal, who died here in January 2013.

Sophie, who lives with her family in Scotland, says: ‘There seems to be so much ‘stuff’ in the world but at the same time there are so many people who have so little, have lost everything or are suffering.

‘St Michael’s Hospice helped my Grandpa and all of his family so well and as it has helped everyone so much I would like to try and raise some money for them.’

Sophie’s mum, Kate, said her daughter came up with the idea by herself but concurs with her opinion of St Michael’s.

‘The care given to my dad there was phenomenal. It’s a wonderful place, and I will always remember those amazing Herefordshire views.’

You can help Sophie by donating here https://bit.ly/2PMFANP