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Day Hospice

Day hospice

People can be so tired and fatigued through their illness that they can’t socialise and can feel very isolated; the Day Hospice is a place where they can go to, but are looked after and feel safe – they can even sleep during the day if they want to.

Before being referred to the Day Hospice, each person will have had a thorough consultation with the Medical Director, Tony Blower, as an out-patient. If it is felt that the Day Hospice is appropriate, the individual is initially invited to attend for one day a week for 12 weeks. The main reason for someone being invited to Day Hospice is to control symptoms, but equally they receive a huge amount of psychological and emotional support.

Each morning there is a hand-over between the multi-disciplinary team regarding the patients arriving that day. People attending Day Hospice have access to this team where they have a chance to discuss their illness, medication and their future. This allows them to work through their issues, so they can make informed decisions and plan for the future.

Individuals are assessed when they first attend Day Hospice and reviewed after 8 weeks. A patient may be discharged after 12 weeks if it is appropriate; if not, reviews are made at regular intervals thereafter and at least 4 weeks notice would be given before discharge. If after discharge their circumstances change, the GP, Macmillan Nurse or District Nurse can re-refer.

There are many activities available to those attending Day Hospice. As well as all the complementary therapies, manicures and massage, there are arts and crafts, singing, quizzes, talks and demonstrations. The Hospice operates a Pets As Therapy (PAT) scheme and people are able to take their pets if it is appropriate.

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