Course list

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DateCourse Title
2nd November 2017Practical Aspects of Care for People who are Dying
half day course for Care Workers
9th November 2017Verification of Death Workshop
23rd November 2017Syringe Driver Update (McKinley T34)
13th December 2017Syringe Driver Introduction – McKinley T34
23rd January 2018Syringe Driver Introduction – McKinley T34
21st February 2018Palliative And End Of Life Care For People With Non-Malignant Illnesses
10-Week Course

Wednesdays 21/02/18 - 02/05/18
21st February 2018Palliative and End of Life Care Philosophy & Principles in Non-malignant Illness
10-week course Day 1
28th February 2018Palliative & End of Life Care and Organ Diseases 1 (Renal & Liver Disease)
10-week course Day 2
7th March 2018Palliative & End of Life Care and Organ Diseases 2 (Heart Disease & Transitions of Care)
10-week course Day 3
14th March 2018Palliative & End of Life Care in Dementia
10-week course Day 4
21st March 2018Illness & Self Concepts
10-week course Day 5
28th March 2018Ethical and Personal Impact Issues and Palliation in Rheumatological Diseases
10-week course Day 6
11th April 2018Supporting the Needs of Family Members In the Context of Non-malignant Life Threatening Illness
10-week course Day 7
18th April 2018Palliation in Respiratory Disease
10-week course Day 8
25th April 2018Palliation in Neurological Disease
10-week course Day 9
2nd May 2018Communication, Grief and Loss
10-week course Day 10