Course list

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DateCourse Title
23rd January 2018Syringe Driver Introduction – McKinley T34
21st February 2018Palliative And End Of Life Care For People With Non-Malignant Illnesses
10-Week Course

Wednesdays 21/02/18 - 02/05/18
21st February 2018Palliative and End of Life Care Philosophy & Principles in Non-malignant Illness
10-week course Day 1
28th February 2018Palliative & End of Life Care and Organ Diseases 1 (Renal & Liver Disease)
10-week course Day 2
7th March 2018Palliative & End of Life Care and Organ Diseases 2 (Heart Disease & Transitions of Care)
10-week course Day 3
14th March 2018Palliative & End of Life Care in Dementia
10-week course Day 4
21st March 2018Illness & Self Concepts
10-week course Day 5
28th March 2018Ethical and Personal Impact Issues and Palliation in Rheumatological Diseases
10-week course Day 6
11th April 2018Supporting the Needs of Family Members In the Context of Non-malignant Life Threatening Illness
10-week course Day 7
18th April 2018Palliation in Respiratory Disease
10-week course Day 8
25th April 2018Palliation in Neurological Disease
10-week course Day 9
2nd May 2018Communication, Grief and Loss
10-week course Day 10