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Early days

freda pearce ladies

Freda Pearce Foundation

In 1979 Freda Pearce and her fundraising group were approached by Richard Miller to see if they would help raise money for a hospice for Herefordshire. The ‘Freda Pearce Foundation' was instrumental in raising £400,000 to get the project underway. At the official opening Princess Alexandra would not go for lunch until she had been introduced to "Freda's Ladies". The group still holds one fundraising event each year. "Our greatest achievement is that the Hospice is still here!" Sandra Griffiths said.

The Freda Pearce League of Friends for St Michael's Hospice

Richard Miller approached Tricia Hales, Chairman of the Herefordshire Amateur Rafters, in 1980 and asked if the organisation would help raise funds to pay for a ward for the proposed new Hospice. They raised just over £10,000 that year and £15,000 the next. In 1981 Tricia joined the Freda Pearce Foundation sitting on the Executive Committee and Fundraising Group until she helped to found ‘The Freda Pearce League of Friends' in November 1985. Since then the ‘League of Friends' has raised approaching £40,000 for the Hospice.

The Eric Baylis Nurses Fund for St Michael's Hospice

Friends Dorothy Stainton, Arthur and Freda Woodward, Betty and Jack Swaithes and Eric Baylis got together to hold a whist drive in August 1985 to help raise funds for the new Hospice. They raised £4,260 in the first year.

Following an article in the Hereford Times that said that the Hospice was having problems financing nurses, the group set up a standing order to give £300 a month to help pay for a Hospice nurse. Currently, the Eric Baylis Nurses Fund donates by direct debit £1,250 per month to the Hospice (specifically towards a nurse’s salary). This monthly contribution is guaranteed for three years in advance and the charity maintains a capital sum of at least £45,000 to meet this guarantee.

Thus, should fundraising close at a future date, the Hospice management will have at least three years in which to replace this significant income. Future plans are ambitious. Every effort is to be made to increase the present capital fund of more than £70,000, to £350,000. Should such an increase be achieved, it will enable the existing three years guarantee to be extended to ‘indefinitely’.

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